Hurricane on the way to Hawaii

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HONOLULU – For the first time since thirty years is a very heavy hurricane, the American state of Hawaii. In the whirlwind that is the name Lane has been given, the wind speed measured of more than 250 kilometres per hour.

Hurricane “Lane” on 21 August.

The stormy low, now of the heaviest category 5, is now on the Pacific Ocean on a small 800 miles to the southeast of the archipelago. Meteorologists expect the hurricane in strength weakens, still dangerous, category 2 at the time that this Thursday afternoon (local time), the islands achieved. It also warned for the possible amount of rainfall between 250 and 370 millimeters.

The emergency by the governor of the island in the highest state of preparedness made.

The last major hurricane in Hawaii, the category 4 storm Iniki in 1992, caused six deaths, writes the newspaper USA Today.

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