Girl lures all of her matches at the same time to Tinderdate

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New York – Tinerdates go more often not so good, but we’d never heard before. A young American woman has been to dozens of men to a square in New York to lure for a ’romantic tinderdate’. Very romantic it was not, because the men had to first compete for a date with Natasha.

A Twittergebruiker did an extensive report on his bizarre Tinder experience. The young man writes that after he and Natasha a match were the popular datingapp, he a message received from the young woman.

Natasha wrote that a knowledge of her music would turn near Union Square and asked if he was there together with her wanted to go. The man went on. Just like all other ignorant men, that they are the same message had been sent.


Arrived at Union Square there was a large group of people around a stage. The Twittergebruiker writes that he has a message from Natasha received, with the message that they have something later.

At the same time jump Natasha on stage with the message that day all men with the same message to the square had lured.

To help men eliminate she had a few requirements. The woman turned out not to be interested in men that are smaller than 1.77 meters, bald men, fat men and tourists.

It is not clear whether Natasha actually on the date is gone with one of the men, but the Twittergebruiker that covered the whole event, is in any case dropped out.

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