Gert Late Night start earlier

032fe54437c3753890b61ba507ef910b - Gert Late Night start earlier

A lot of people have, during the previous season, annoyed by the fact that Gert Late Night so late on the antenna. Especially for the working man was not like that the program often to a piece after 23 hours it took making a lot of people early afhaakten and or the program the next day delayed viewing. A sigh where she and FOUR into account, because from Monday 3 september, Gert Late Night every evening around half ten already on the screen. Gert Verhulst and James Cooke is the start of that day again. The former show allows for a little more stress on the creators of Gert Late Night. The recording of the program can be found in the early early evening and now leaves less time for the assembly to do. But the former show has an additional benefit: FOUR now has a program mnder necessary in primetime, and after Gert Late Night, possibly, a repetition of another program. In the middle of October, Gert Verhulst, and James Cooke, by the way relieved by The Smartest Man In the World.

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