German actress suing Harvey Weinstein for rape

03f48aa31033d529c46669cfce6f8f48 - German actress suing Harvey Weinstein for rape

A German actress in the American state of California a lawsuit against the mighty Hollywoodproducent Harvey Weinstein. The woman, who the pseudonym “Emma Loman”, accuses Weinstein of them raped her. From the complaint it appears that the woman the German nationality and since 2004 works as a model, actress, and producer.

The complaint was Monday lodged in a court in California. The victim would be in 2006 at the Cannes film festival raped in Weinsteins hotel suite. According to her lawyers, there is the case of violence, deprivation of liberty, and violations of the law on trafficking in human beings, and they ask for a compensation. Weinstein would its made clear that he was the career of the woman would be able to ruin if they could talk.

Weinsteins lawyer Phyllis Kupferstein rejected the allegations as “lies”. According to the lawyer, the facts are also barred.

The German actress is just one of the dozens of women that Weinstein accuse of sexual violence. In the United States, he is now formally accused for sexual misconduct against three different women, but denies he is the rape of which he is accused.

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