France suspected jihadist free after miscarriage of justice

6343450eb68c2d62b6f9896e0aee532d - France suspected jihadist free after miscarriage of justice

In France in april of a suspected jihadist freed after a magistrate had forgotten his pre-trial detention is extended.

Oualid B. had in november together with Reda Bekhaled and his brothers to trial for the preparation of an attack around Lyon in 2014. They also wanted to be in the centre and in the east of the country strike and would be involved in a network that Syriëstrijders ronselt.

Oualid B. however, came on 3 april, after an investigating judge had forgotten to have his remand extended. According to the ministry of Justice, he is then free, but is monitored by the court.

The French weekly Le Canard Enchaîné reports that the magistrate was asked to take a step back, but he refuses. According to minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet is running an investigation as to how this could have happened.

In the dossier, a total of fifteen persons in charge, of which there are eight in Iraq or Syria to stay.

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