Fatma Taspinar has stress in the summer

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In The zomert with tells journalist Fatma Taspinar tomorrow night to be honest about the pressures that they themselves impose during the summer months. “I always stress. I need to enjoy the sun and to the festival and to parties of friends. But you can’t be everywhere.”

From 1 september presents Fatma Taspinar The news of late, but Wednesday is the first guest in The zomert with. Bruno Wyndaele tells Fatma that they are always feeling homesick for the winter, because of the pressure to amuse themselves too much in the summer. “I have been in the summer exactly always stress: I must I must I must. I got to enjoy the sun, I got to the festival. Everyone loves a celebration, but you can’t be everywhere. In the winter you will have that spittle.”

Going on a trip does the journalist also do not like: “I have always homesick for my home, my family and friends. Homesickness is a big issue with me. My parents are adventurers and I am not at all”

Fatma also tells openly about her roots. “I have double blood. I am Flemish, I was born here. But my history is Turkish”. She was already twelve years old when she for the first time her family in Turkey met. That made a big impression: “ ‘do you Know who I am? I am the sister of your dad, ” someone said. That is very strange.”

“My parents last year for the first time in 25 years, back to their country of birth. That was really special. I’ve also got a brother and a sister. That lie buried there. Actually, we were so with eight children.”

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