Family drama in Walloon village: multiple deaths

adcf7a4128eef8377928530cf305640d - Family drama in Walloon village: multiple deaths

Moresnet-Chapelle cemetery In the Walloon Moresnet-Chapelle, in the province of Liège, in a family drama several deaths. Reports that mayor Thierry Wimmer. The precise number of dead from the tragedy in the municipality of Blieberg is not yet known.

“This afternoon, a tragedy occurred in Moresnet-Chapelle,” said the mayor in a message. “There are several fatalities. This act has no terrorist character and is located in the private sphere. The perpetrator can no more harm harm. There is no danger for the population.”

It was previously known that there is a large politieactie was underway in the municipality of, after, according to sources on the spot a man in a restaurant was penetrated with a knife. According to witnesses, the perpetrator is the ex-boyfriend of one of the victims.

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