Facebook removes 652 propaganda accounts, and it doesn’t stop there

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Facebook has yesterday more than 650 false social media accounts deleted that inuence public opinion in the Middle East, the United States, Great Britain and Latin America. The lion’s share of the opgedoekte networks has ties with Iran. The security team of Facebook is in the meantime also all other networks on the heels.

Facebook removes more false profiles. Last month were for 32 accounts with vague ties with Russia out of the network is achieved. Which profiles did the results of the Us mid-term losses in november to influence through dubious online content.

The last few months is the focus of the investigation into political manipulation of the social media shifted to Iran. FireEye, an online securitybedrijf that Facebook is working with is already since July behind Liberty Front Press, a network of different Facebookaccounts, groups, and pages that are linked to the Iranian state media, sets Facebook on his blog.

An example is Quest 4 Truth, to say that independent media organization that is actually linked to Press TV, an English-language news website in the hands of the Iranian state media.

Not only Russia introduces online politics

Not only Russia does so online on politics, Iranian false profiles to defend its own interests abroad via the worldwide web. The focus is mainly on the Middle East, Latin America, the United Kingdom and the United States. So are the stories mainly opposed to the saudis and the israelis, but noticeable positive about the Palestinians.

There were also dubious messages intercepted about specific policies in the United States, which is in the advantage played by the Iranians. So was the nuclear deal with the united states a much-discussed theme on the fake news sites, according to securitybedrijf FireEye.

In addition, there were in the run-up to the Us presidential elections, a lot of messages that striking positive for Trumps opponent Bernie Sanders.

Together, more than a million followers

These manipulative messages have a range. Liberty Front Press had until yesterday 157.300 followers Facebook 48,000 followers on Instagram.

In addition, 78 facebook profiles and 9 Instagramaccounts intercepts that are indirectly linked to Liberty Front Press, good for 16.100 followers.

As a result of the Us mid-term losses in november, since August last year, a group of suspicious Facebook and Instagramprofielen under the microscope. Those accounts had until yesterday 823.000 followers.

There are still networks active

These pages are often for a longer period of time followed. ‘If we take them too early remove, it is more difficult to the extent of their network to understand, ” writes Facebook on its blog. “Therefore, we have some of these campaigns over a period of many months researched. The longer we follow them, the more we come to know.’

That tactic also appears to work. FireEye is already a new network on the heels. ‘For example, We have multiple Arab, on the Middle East focused sites identified’, it sounds. ‘They seem to be part of a wider network.’

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