Ex-lawyer Trump confesses guilt

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NEW YORK – Michael Cohen, the former lawyer of the Us president, Donald Trump, has told a federal court in New York a bill passed.

He gave the rules for the financing of an election campaign to have been breached. He is said to have done in behalf of a candidate. He named no names. Further, he confessed to be guilty of tax evasion and bankfraude.

By cooperating with the public prosecutors, the 51-year-old Cohen is eligible for sentence remissions. CNN reported that he a deal had closed over the duration of the penalty and a fine. Competitor Fox News heard from anonymous source that Cohen has agreed with three to five years in prison.

Cohen was in the news by the pay of 130,000 dollar porn actress Stormy Daniels, who claims a sexual affair to have had with Trump. Ex-playmate Karen McDougal got through to him for similar reason, one and a half tons ’zwijggeld’.

The case got a momentum when the FBI on the advice of a special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, who is leading the investigation into possible Russian involvement in the election to the White House, a raid conducted in the office of Cohen, his house and his permanent hotel room. The federal police took out an evidence seizure, including e-mails and documents on a range of topics.


Cohen was for many years the personal attorney and adviser to Trump. He was also, as his loyal ’control’, for vastgoedzaken in Moscow to the collection of sponsorship money for the campaign. If he decides to have a book open on his boss, who has taken his confidant, the president has reason to worry.

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