Ensor-film awards are heading towards a driestrijd

ebdb2f6310c6c3cc1b3541e6394755f6 - Ensor-film awards are heading towards a driestrijd

The elections of the Ensors, the Flemish film awards, heading towards a driestrijd between the films ‘Cargo’, ‘Le Fidèle’, and ‘Facades’. The nominations were via a live stream announced by Francesca Vanthielen. The film awards will be awarded on 15 september, at the end of the film Festival of Ostend.

For the first time, the nominations will be announced via a live stream. It soon became clear that five favorites stood out stitches, including three superfavorieten. ‘Cargo’ by Gilles Coulier, of ‘Facades’ by Kaat Beels, ‘Le Fidèle’ from Michaël R. Roskam, ‘Patser’ by Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah, and ‘Zagros’ van Sahim Omar & The were nominated for Best Film and rain other nominations together.

‘Patser’ and ‘Zagros’ remained stuck on six nominations, ‘Façaces’ and ‘Le Fidèle’, took nine, ‘Cargo’ got ten, but in eight categories. The film by Gilles Coulier picked up three nominations in the category of Best Actor, with Sebastien Dewaele, Sam Louwyck Wim Willaert. Also ‘Charlie and Hanna go out’, ‘Many heavens above the Seventh’ and ‘The second face’ have a chance at winning one of the nine frames.

In addition, this year there will be prizes for, among others, tv-series, jeugdfilm and documentaries, good for sixteen categories.

With the Ensor wants the Filmfestival Oostende, the Flemish film industry in the spotlight, and has done so since 2010. The Gala in the Kursaal of Ostend close for years the film Festival.

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