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Dortmund-coach surprised: “Eden Hazard is my droomtransfer”

e5cb48361ba489d286e982b053246c71 - Dortmund-coach surprised: “Eden Hazard is my droomtransfer”

Borussia Dortmund will kick in next weekend the Bundesliga with a home game against RB Leipzig. Lucien Favre, the new coach of the German club, hopes titelfavoriet Bayern Munich fire to the shins to explain, all he knows that his team still has a dominating lofts can use. “I dream of Eden Hazard,” explains the 60-year-old Swiss Wednesday in Bild.

“It is a pleasure to Hazard to see to play football,” says Favre. “If he has the ball: oh, la, la. Then the really enjoy. He is also so strong. The same is true for Kylian Mbappé, who at nineteen already incredibly mature and clever. But I mention their names earlier for the fun”, close to the Swiss, who seems to realize that a transition of the duo to Dortmund will be very unlikely.

After a strong world cup, where Hazard only the Croatian Luka Modric for themselves had to endure as best player, it looked for the Red Devil to Chelsea on the way to the exit. A transfer to Real Madrid hung a long time in the air, but Hazard is still always a player of The Blues. That seems to be the case. Chelsea is absolutely not going to his star player to leave and the Hazard itself seems to peace have been taken with an extended stay in London.

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