’Conflict Turkey and the US can end immediately’

56e2043431fe2eebe9926e3f6644a9b9 - ’Conflict Turkey and the US can end immediately’

JERUSALEM – Turkey could put an end to the diplomatic conflict with the United States by the American minister Andrew Brunson to let go. That says U.s. national security adviser John Bolton, which Ankara suggested that this crisis can be ended” as the spiritual , without conditions” can leave.

Andrew Craig Brunson

Bolton concluded during a visit to Israel that .,,the Turkish government is a big mistake made by pastor Brunson not to let go”. He also suggested that Turkish membership of the NATO for Washington, not yet a matter of debate. ,,We are focused on Brunson and other Americans who has been detained by the Turkish government. We expect to have a solution.”

The fate of Brunson is the use of a hoogopgelopen diplomatic wrangling between the NATO allies. The preacher is suspected of involvement in the failed coup of two years ago. The USA demands his release and have sanctions imposed on two Turkish ministers.

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