Cohen wants ‘everything about Trump tell what he knows”

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Michael Cohen is willing to special prosecutor Robert Mueller to tell everything what he knows in the investigation of Russian interference in the American elections.

The former lawyer, Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, has in a settlement under more guilty of advocating the violation of the financial campagneregels. He says that he is in command of Trump zwijggeld paid to women with Trump having an affair would have had.

The agreement with the Public Prosecutor’s office obliged him not to testify in the Russia-research. But Lanny Davis, the attorney for Cohen, says that his client is “all about Donald Trump wants to tell what he knows”.

Cohen would have information about a Russian conspiracy aimed at undermining American democracy’, and that information would also be withheld for the FBI.

According to the lawyer know Cohen or Donald Trump in advance about the hacking that Trumps opponent Hillary Clinton,. He would also have information about the meeting of Trumps campaigners with a Russian delegation in the Trump Tower in 2016.

It is not clear if Cohen is already with the team of special prosecutor Mueller has spoken.

Cohens lawyer stressed in the Us media that his client never grace would accept a man who he both corrupt consider to be dangerous.

Cohen is often referred to as Trumps ‘fixer’ and was extremely loyal. But the past few weeks, he stated in interviews that he has taken of his former boss.

Yesterday is Paul Manafort, Trumps former campaign manager, guilty to eight indictments for fraud and tax evasion. That conviction strengthens the special prosecutor Mueller in his investigation of the president. Manafort is how for a long time behind bars, unless he still decides to work with Mueller.

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