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Coach of Gent-opponent Bordeaux: “today It is not easy to here trainer”

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Bordeaux enters Thursday with Eric Bedouet as interim trainer in Ghent, for his heenwedstrijd in the play-offs to participation in the Europa League. The 64-year-old Bedouet take the place of Gustavo Poyet, who is set to non-active, was set. According to French media, Thierry Henry, an assistant at the Red Devils, the new head coach of Bordeaux. There might Wednesday during the press conference of the French club, on the eve of the match against AA Gent, no questions being asked about it.

“Today it is not easy to be coach of Bordeaux. I took over as interim coach, but did not do that with a lot of fun”, announced Bedouet. “It is now so and I make the best of it for the club, the players and myself. I myself as a player in a career of fifteen years, perhaps twenty trainers see it pass. And I’m not young hey. Such a trainerswissel is of all times. A new head coach, we know really nothing. Everything is decided by the board.”

KAA Gent

23/08 20:45

Girondins de Bordeaux

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“AA Gent is a well-organized team. They can also be in different systems in play. And they also have a very wide and strong core. Reservespelers for them, the last fifteen minutes are inserted, you can also make a difference. In addition, they can in the match itself very fast switching. It will not be a bite-sized chunk of this AA Gent. Also our other opponents in the Europa League were strong, but La Ghent treasure I still have a category higher. They lack experience and that is already clear in the beginning of this season. So, We definitely have opportunities.”

“This match can be a turning point. I hope so at least. We manage to push to the pools, then we are perhaps left. My entire core is fit. A little rotation is in order. There waiting for us with two matches against Gent and Monaco a heavy and busy schedule.”

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