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Clement: “We are a favorite against Bröndby? That doesn’t interest me”

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With the Danish vicekampioen and a cup winner Bröndby should Racing Genk is still one obstacle to overcome on the way to the still more lucrative growing group stages of the Europa League. After the smooth qualifier against Lech Poznan seem to be the Genkenaars on paper stronger than the Danes. “It does not interest us whether we are not favorite, just the qualification that counts,” said Genk coach Philippe Clement Wednesday in the Luminus Arena.

“It would be wonderful to at the end of August for the first goal of the season to reach. Easy however, does not: we have the team the past few weeks followed and also their parties last season seen. It is a tough chunk, a physical team that is high and a lot of pressure. The challenge for us is to be under that pressure to come out. This will be a lot more difficult than Poznan. When we won at home with 2-0, it would be a dream to use such a position to being there,” says Clement.

With a 3-1 thuiszege against Charleroi were the People last weekend already a successful dress rehearsal. “And then, there are also similarities between Charleroi and Bröndby. Both teams put a lot of pressure, especially in the first part of the contest. I’m not sure that they pressing the full ninety minutes be able to sustain. In the second half you saw that Charleroi harder.”

According to some observers is the best football in Belgium is currently in the Luminus Arena played. With a fast track in Europe and a ten to twelve in the league, there is no reason to complain. In addition, can Clement in Genk feature a as good as a fully healthy player base and is also Marcus Ingvartsen on the way back after injuries. The heenwedstrijd against his countrymen, however, still too early. “Our strength this season should be that we are always in the second half strong, strong boys can bring. We should be patient, though it is not the same as naive football. Occasionally, you just need to the long ball to grab. And here I see again a lot of hunger in those groups to get. My boys dream is to compete with the big teams.”

For Genk, it is the first game ever against a Danish opponent. Coach Philippe Clement has more experience. “With Club Brugge, we have even already against Bröndby played in the season (2014-2015, red) when we have the quarter finals of the Europa League have achieved. In that campaign we had even three times to Denmark (Bröndby, FC Copenhagen and Aalborg, red) and each time we went by. The Bröndby then, however, was a whole other team, that is not comparable. I still remember the good, positive atmosphere in the stadium, it was fun to play there,” decided the Genk T1.

The heenwedstrijd against Bröndby is Thursday night played, the second leg is a week later programmed. That matches are not broadcast live on national television, in contrast to the preliminary round of the Champions League in which no Belgian teams anymore. And while the Europa League the past few years, the dairy cow of the Belgian football has been, the majority of the points for the European coefficient will not be in the Champions League have been scored. “At Poznan, TV Limburg in the gap jumped with a live broadcast and I think that they are very happy, because those were very fun matches to watch. Live broadcasts of the EL-voorrondewedstrijden on national television is perhaps something for the future.”

Samatta: “Qualification is important”

With four goals in his last three games – two in the matches against Lech Poznan and a further two at home against Charleroi – has Genk-striker Ally Samatta his motor this season is going drawn.

A striker lives by goals and so can ‘Samagoal’ satisfaction thus difficult to cut away. Since he more than two and a half years ago, in the Luminus Arena former team, the now 25-year-old Tanzanian, however, more and more of a team player. “Against Bröndby is the victory of the team and the qualification for the group stage of the Europa League, the most important”, he stressed.

“As a striker I hang off of the performance of the team: if I score, everyone on the field, there are share in. My goals have victories yield. If I twenty times to score and we win nothing, it has no value.”

Coach Philippe Clement speaks of a change of attitude at his attacker. “He knows now that a striker should not only score. He needs to create space, get involved in the game. He has his mentality changed and now manages, he’s in.”

Samatta has such a long and educational process behind the back – an adaptation of football in Europe. “It was not easy for that mentality to change,” he had to admit. “To score goals I consider as a bonus. The feeling is good and I have confidence.”

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