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Bitcoin ABC Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork for November set

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To all appearances, a Hard Fork of the Bitcoin-to-Cash Community. The part of the Bitcoin-to-Cash-a Community that drives the network Upgrade and, under the name of Bitcoin ABC gathered, promises to be a better use of the Bitcoin-to-Cash Protocol and On-Chain solutions.

There is disagreement in the Bitcoin-to-Cash Community. As a part of the Community, has published, in the hope that the Bitcoin-to-Cash Ecosystem to flourish, Bitcoin ABC 0.18.0. Their Vision is “to create a sound money system that can be used by anyone around the world.” Besides, it was your Bitcoin-Cash-network-Upgrade to a technology that does not have the Potential to change civilization, but also the freedom and prosperity of the people “increase dramatically”. Who wants to have a part in it, should be “as soon as possible” on the Bitcoin ABC Version 0.18.0. upgrade.

What is Bitcoin ABC promises?

Here is the technical innovations of the supposedly better Bitcoin Cash in the Detail:

  • The new Opcode OP_CHECKDATASIG. This is intended to improve the BCH-Script-language, so that you can validate messages outside of the Blockchain. So you should be able to both Oracle as well as Cross-Chain Atomic Contracts to perform
  • improved scaling by canonical transaction ordering
  • other (unnamed) minor improvements in the Protocol

A possible split?

However, the Bitcoin-ABC-Client is the only innovation is from the environment of Bitcoin Cash. From the house of nChain, especially by its Chief Scientist Craig Wright is known, is now a Full-Node Implementation, called Bitcoin SV. “Satoshi’s Vision” (SV) has set itself the target of the “original Bitcoin Protocol”.

In contrast to the new OpCode to plan the re-introduction of old Satoshi-Op-Codes (OP_MUL, OP_LSHIFT, OP_RSHIFT and OP_INVERT), in which a full arithmetic operations. The number of maximum possible Opcodes per script is to be expanded, and the block size be increased to 128 MB.

This announcement is not only in contradiction of the Update of the Bitcoin ABC, but has been discussed in the Bitcoin-to-Cash Community controversial: in addition to the nChain advanced patents, the concentration of the Hash Rate in the hands of Coingeek, the critics burp. This Mining Pool, to support the Protocol changes to Bitcoin SV in full, currently provides 30 percent of the Hashing Power in the Bitcoin for Cash network.

As in the recent Tech-ECHO, briefly outlined, was the reaction of the Community. With the announcement of the 0.18.0 Version of Bitcoin ABC the care of another Chain Split is now:

Disagreement is in, and especially to the orbit of Bitcoin Cash not uncommon. Thus, the project to Roger, not again and again in the criticism that the Full Nodes are really decentralized. Also the idea with the “miner’s Choice” against transaction fees to proceed, not met with anywhere in the Community with a positive response.

Only in may, Bitcoin-Cash-network carried out a Hard Fork, with which she enlarged the block size to 32 MB. The Bitcoin-ABC-network-Upgrade to the 15. November will come.

The Bitcoin To Cash Exchange Rate

The Bitcoin-to-Cash rate is currently at 533 dollars. So he recorded, similar to the price of Bitcoin, a weekly increase of almost 9 percent. In the month of review, the course had to absorb losses of 32 percent. With a market capitalisation of 9.2 billion US dollars, Bitcoin to Cash between EOS and Ripples XRP is the Cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalisation.

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