Austrian is 42 days in a row flashed

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An Austrian baker has 3,000 euros in traffic fines paid because he 42 days after each other too fast, drove on the same road.

Heimo Wallner drove each morning from his work with a high speed past the same speed camera. He knew not that there is a speed camera was set up.

‘I kept the default speed limit in town of 50 km per hour. On a part of the journey, at the height of a school, the limit is 30, ” he said to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. “I need to move the board overlooked, I drove too fast on 42 consecutive working days.’

Wallner did not see that he flashed was because the camera with invisible infrared rays works. It was also too dark on the way to the speed signs. The first penalty showed a month wait, so they already opstapelden.

The baker drew no objection, and paid all 42 fines to lengthy procedures to avoid. ‘Ultimately, the legal fees probably have become more expensive, so I reluctantly 3,000 euros remitted. That is a good salary of two months for me, ” he said.

The police has about 300 euros of the fine is deducted, but Wallner had to vacation to Greece cancel. “We had to postpone until next year. The children were of course disappointed. Now they bring their vacation to the fishing pond with their grandfather.’

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