Actor Aron Wade is struggling with major depression

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It comes on a personal level, not so good with Aron Wade. The Flemish actor, known for roles in, among others, ‘De Kotmadam’ and ‘W817’, is struggling with a severe depression. That he testifieth in relation to the weekly Day of All.

Wade has troubles for years with depression, that was last year already been described in the book ‘Honest with myself’ of Ria Maes. Now the actor, known as a student Koentje in The ‘Kotmadam’ or Akke in ‘W817’, again relapses. Wade had four major productions and other work assumed, but succumbed under the pressure. “My psychiatrist had me however warned”, he says. “At the beginning of may I was completely collapsed.”

According to the actor, it felt as if someone has a thick blanket constantly on his face in crowds to him to choke. The past few months, he wanted no one to see. Now I can do it mentally, something better. “I’m more intensive therapy. My psychiatrist has changed my medication, which I am now recovering.”

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