A private jet with Post Malone the on-board landing make

A privévliegtuig with sixteen passengers on board has crash-landed on an airport in New York. On takeoff clapped two bands from each other, and then the unit was required a few hours in the air circling. On board were among other rapper Post Malone and musician Andrew Watt.

The 23-year-old Post Malone just came back from the MTV Video Music Awards in New York, where he won the award for best hit of the year for his song ‘Rockstar’ in reception had taken. Together with the musician Andrew Watt was on his way to London. But during take-off in New Jersey, it went wrong. The plane would have two klapbanden have gotten.

For safety reasons, it was decided to have as much as possible fuel to use, and therefore had the plane for five hours around continue to fly. Eventually the device securely lands on the New York Stewart International Airport.

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