9 million in EU support for asylum seekers, Italy

16e8b1542a8680daafb8a28bb19cc849 - 9 million in EU support for asylum seekers, Italy

BRUSSELS – The European Commission has 9 million euro to Italy sent to the access to health care for asylum seekers in the Italian reception camps. The relief is aimed at some 42,000 people, mostly women and children, which in Sicily are tight and on the mainland, in Tuscany and around Rome.

According to EU commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos (migration) state of Italy in the last few years under extremely high pressure which the care of migrants and refugees. “We will be Italy and all other member states to continue to assist the migration, to help manage and people in need of protection shelter to offer.”

There is a total of 200 million euros in European emergency aid for migrants to Rome transfer. From the multi-annual budget, which is up to 2021, in addition 653,7 million euros will be made available.

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