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21-Year-old accumulated $34 million dollars of start-up capital for the Anonymous crypto-currency exchange

733642438950d492a31526673e052401 - 21-Year-old accumulated $34 million dollars of start-up capital for the Anonymous crypto-currency exchange

While crypto-currencies to arrive at the Mainstream, there has been an influx of institutional investors – including whales called – who are willing to trade massive amounts of money. Since this money mood affects the market, this leads often to the market Manipulation and the General volatility of the market.

With the aim to allow large investors, the Actions of Bitcoin and Ethereum, without affecting the markets in order to very, collecting Republic Protocol of 35,000 Ether (approximately $33.8 million U.S. dollars) to form a ‘Dark Pool’ for Kryptos. The Singapore-based company collected for this purpose, the capital of crypto-currency Hedge Funds in the world, in order to bring the project to success.

The 21-Year-old CEO of the company Taiyang Zhang. According to him, the Launch of Republic Protocol is planned for the third quarter of 2018, the total trading volume of the Cryptocurrency industry.

The Republic Protocol assumes that the so-called ‘Dark Pools’ such as Republic Protocol a monthly trading volume of approximately $9 billion US-might Dollar. To put this into perspective, one must consider that the bitcoin trading volume of 8 billion per day is currently around$.

When Zhang after the reason for the founding of the Republic Protocol was asked, he answers quite simple:

“If I want to convert 1000 Bitcoin into another crypto-currency, this can see and it has a negative impact on the price. On the Blockchain, we can hide, no transactions.“

A Dark Pool allows market participants to conceal the Details of a transaction and the identity of the trader (the Public Key). Thus, you are able to transfer large amounts of money without a price fall of the currency.

The concept of Dark Pools not only exists in the crypto-currency markets. In fact, these have been in the last decade within the global equity market. Data from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, according to the already shares with a value of more than $270 billion were transferred in these Dark Pools. Adding to that, according to data from the Tabb Group 37% of all stocks in the U.S. were independent of a trading platform transferred, apparently only a quarter of this via, it was transferred to Dark Pools.

The difference between a normal Cryptocurrency exchange, and Dark Pools is simple: In a stock exchange, an algorithm working on the various buy and to associate sales transactions of the merchant. A Dark Pool is exactly the same, however, it happens to be shared here in an Anonymous process in which there is no purchase or sale information.

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