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XRapid: How Ripple developed independently of XRP more

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Ripple continues to spread. By the company adds new partners to its payment network xRapid, it increases increasingly its reach. This also happens with new sites, especially in the Asian region. The XRP exchange rate is, however, at least a month in comparison – on a downward course.

That one has not taken the course of “Bank tokens” XRP strictly Ripple rate is allowed to call and those behind Ripple are not tired of XRP to distinguish, especially regulatory and strategic reasons. The XRP price is actually not necessarily of the developments in the Ripple-universe-dependent, show the current developments around the payment network xRapid.

The company announced about three new crypto exchanges into the xRapid-boat. To xRapid so, to further expand the network and partnerships with the exchanges Bittrex, Bitso and assured. These offer due to their locations in each major currency exchange pairs, which should ultimately provide for more liquidity. With Bittrex from the USA is thus provided for the exchange pair USD/XRP. Bitso from Mexico, on the other hand entails the Exchange XRP/Mexican Peso and Coins.the ph of the Exchange XRP/Philippine Peso at xRapid.

If so, a payment service provider wants to send it from the US capital to Mexico, will be exchanged first, USD to XRP and from XRP in Mexican Pesos – all of this is done via the XRP Ledger.

Ripple looks to Asia

However, not only in the infrastructure but also with regard to international locations of the company in the best extends possible. With the aim to become a global financial services provider, it focuses, among other things, on the location of China. The company opened in cooperation with LianLian International a new location. Here, it is due to the regulatory situation, however, the inter-banks-solution approach xCurrent, which is of interest to you. Also for other propagation of the Ripple Team in the Asian region – in partnership with SBI Holdings has been an important ally in Japan that was formed by a consortium of banks. With the Kotak Mahindra Bank also has an important ally in India.

But that’s not enough. Even in the media knows how to put the company in a scene. So Ripple started along with Madonna, the action, Raising Malawi, to rescue orphans in Malawi. Gorillas Ripple was – so Ashton Kutcher donated in the name of Ripples four million dollars in XRP to Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.

XRP-rate recorded less growth than the company

With a view to the Ripple price (XRP!) the repeated protestations of the Ripple seem to be independent of the crypto-currency to confirm. Because of this, despite the expansion of the company – at least in some further review – the relatively sluggish down. Although he was able to grow in the weekly over the course of 11 percent. In the month of review, however, it is at 26 percent in the Minus and so that currently there are close to $ 0.33.

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