Xavier Taveirne was a late bloomer as a gay

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Xavier Taveirne talk for Canvas coming soon with the first generations of men who dared to out as gay. Himself, he said in Gazet Van Antwerpen that he is not the character for yourself on the barricades. “If I was gay in the fifties or sixties, I had with a hundred percent certainty, a wife and three children. If I physically would be able to have sex with a woman. (laughs) I Had on that way of life, fell the courage me in the shoes. I was 21 years old when a man kissed. When I made myself the remark that it would be that I was gay. Occasionally I got a note, but then I responded along the lines of “that is not true”. That was sincerely said. I felt not gay, and had not the need, my doubts lay it on the table. But when I had a confrontation with that guy, I realized how a real passionate kiss felt. I have myself then for a time deceived? I don’t know. I am always honest to myself. But I am someone who first of something to try before giving an opinion to form.

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