Wife of cruise ship fell ’stupid bitch’

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Amsterdam – The 47-year-old woman ie of a cruise ship fell, and after ten hours was rescued by the cruise company ’a stupid bitch’.

Kay Longstaff, she fell of the cruise ship or jump them yourself?

In addition, ask openly or not, have blown.

Stewardess Kay Longstaff fell last weekend of the back of cruise ship Norwegian Star. After an intensive search she was after ten hours (!) still health from the Adriatic sea, rescued.

At the family-owned Norwegian Cruise Line is doubting the story. The mother of the director says in the Daily Telegraph that the rescue 700.000 euros has cost. A large part of the costs story on NCL. Of her son she had heard that Longstaff could not possibly have fallen because of the railings on that deck was too high.

The story is that Kay Longstaff serious quarrel would have been on board the Norwegian Star.

Passengers felt very bad even terrible, their comfortable journey was interrupted for the search, especially now there is to question the cause.

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