Walter Capiau terminally ill

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It does not go well with Walter Capiau. The cases presenter is seriously ill knows All. Even to the extent that Capiau an earlier appointment for this summer, agreed with his colleagues to come together has been cancelled. It is now six years ago that Walter year of excitement came through the abuse of some boys. The facts date back from more than 40 years ago, they came only a few years above the water, and there the presenter and showman of apart.. In the Story told the presenter that he is very deeply seated and even thought to end his life. Meanwhile the storm over the incident go, but once again there is a lot less fun news: Walter is terminally ill and is no longer even capable of a short response. During a party last year on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Capiau, it was clear that something was wrong. Bart Kaëll: I had him first, and not even recognize it. Walter was very emaciated and out of date. The intensive treatments that he must undergo, galling, of course, to a man. I had him for years not seen, and I remember especially the pictures of when he was at work. And now stood there an old meneerke with a costume that is much too large,” says Bart this week in All.

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