USA, 95-year-old ex-kampbewaker Treblinka from

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NEW YORK – The united states, have a 95-year-old former kampbewaker in Treblinka, in nazi-Germany occupied Poland, to Germany off. Jakiw Palij was Monday in a wheelchair from his home in Queens (New York), and on a stretcher from an ambulance placed for he to the airport was driven. The expulsion was according to ABC news in behalf of president Donald Trump himself.

Palij is Tuesday in Germany arrived. The former kampbewaker emigrated in 1949 to the USA and said that he was in the war his farm was. Later he said that he was in the service, but not convinced nationaalsocialist was. In 1957 he became an American citizen. A judge in New York took him to the citizenship and ordered his deportation in 2005, but the Federal republic is refused to him for years.

In the extermination camp near the village of Treblinka, 85 km northeast of Warsaw, were in the years 1942-1944 nearly 900.000 people were killed, mainly jews.

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