United States shall designate ex-nazikampbewaker to Germany

b98f1037a2effbef2e8d2aac3fa60caf - United States shall designate ex-nazikampbewaker to Germany

A former nazikampbewaker that since the end of the Second world War in the United States lived, to Germany showed. There he is, Tuesday arrived, so notify German and Us authorities.

Jakiw Palij, born in Poland, and today, 95 years old, worked in 1941 as an assistant of the SS at the Trawniki labour camp, where more than 6,000 Jews were exterminated.

“With the inclusion of Palij gives the government a clear signal from the moral responsibility of Germany,” says a spokesman of the German ministry of Foreign Affairs. The elderly man, who Tuesday morning at the airport of Dusseldorf landed, was then, according to the German press to a geriatric centre at Münster.

Palij migrated in 1949 to the United States and was eight years later, the American nationality. That was him in 2003, declined, because he had lied about his SS-past. The attorney said that the kampbewaker prisoners had prevented to escape and that he directly had contributed to their extermination”, which Palij denied.

‘Strong message’

Despite repeated requests from the Us authorities and protests for the house of the ex-guard in New York he could long time is not shown.

‘Palij was lying about the fact that he nazi was and remained for decades in the United States. Extradition gives a strong message: they to nazi crimes and other violations of human rights may be made, will not be tolerated in the U.S. and will not have to resort to get on American soil, ” says the White House in a statement.

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