Three twenty-somethings still found alive after kloofdrama Italy

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ROME – rescue Workers have three hikers found alive after the tragedy in a ravine in Calabria. They were found north of the rampplek to camp. The young people of 21, 22 and 23 had no range with their mobile phones, say local sources by news agency ANSA.

The walkers were Monday in the gorge surprised by the quickly rising water.

Minister Sergio Costa (Environment) says that “99.9 percent” certain that there are no missing persons. However, the search as a precaution further. “Since no one monitors how many people are in the ravine, we can not exclude the possibility that there was someone,” said an officer of the civil beschermingsdienst.

In the gap fell Monday, at least ten dead. After heavy rains were hikers swept away by a body of water. The authorities spoke earlier about the eleven deceased victims, but claimed that number down. The emergency services, at night and searched and sent in the morning, helicopters in the air space to assist.

The civil beschermingsdienst said that 23 people have been rescued. It includes an eight-year-old girl that was found next to a body. Her parents are believed to have died. The eight-year-old was “somewhat conscious but clearly in shock,” said a doctor at ANSA.

In total, eleven people are admitted to hospitals. Among the wounded is also a Dutchman, reported the ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is to a hospital. According to Italian media, he has a broken pelvis.

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