Strongest ice at the north Pole breaks down for the first time: ‘Alarming’

051819f2c01899173bd329ccc3e0ba46 - Strongest ice at the north Pole breaks down for the first time: ‘Alarming’

The oldest and thickest sea ice near the north Pole is starting to tear, making water visible is that otherwise, even in summer frozen. It is the first time that such a thing is observed, and that causes scientists to worry.

Scientists have determined that the thickest and oldest ice in the Arctic, in the sea on the north coast of Greenland, scarify. Abnormal rises in temperature in February and earlier this month the ice vulnerable made for windstromen, that the ice further from the coast have pushed than ever before happened since the beginning of the measurements in the 70s.

“Nearly all of the ice north of Greenland is disintegrated and dispersed and therefore more’, confirms Ruth Mottram Danish Meteorological Institute to The Guardian. ‘It is unusual that there is open water. It was there, until now often called “the last ijsgebied” because scientists thought that this is the last spot of the Arctic, where the warming earth, melting would affect. The observations of the past week suggest that that is perhaps more to the west.’

The damage is irreversible’

The ice accumulates in this area, normally on, causing the four to twenty feet thick and not easy to move, ” explains Walt Meier of the US National Snow and Ice Data Center. By the warming of the earth over the past 15 years has been accelerated, it happened that now. “It is a quite dramatic evidence of the change in the Noordpoolklimaat.’

Thomas Lavergne Norwegian Meteorological Institute, called the observations even downright ‘scary’. “It is impossible to predict how long that part of the water open will continue, but even if it is within a couple of days it was frozen, the damage is irrevocable: the thick, old sea ice is pushed away from the coast, to an area where it will be easier to melt.’

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