Spanish ‘wolf pack’ chased away from a public swimming pool

1094b4928de89915e5136bdbe6d44d45 - Spanish ‘wolf pack’ chased away from a public swimming pool

Some members of the famed ‘wolf pack’, a group of five Spanish men who this year was convicted of sexual abuse, during a visit to a public swimming pool in Spain is chased away by irate bathers.

The men visited Saturday a birthday party in the public swimming pool in Palomares del Río, a municipality in the province of Seville. After some of the other bathers them had recognized, and turned a part of the audience against them, reports BBC.

The men were verbally abused, which they forced to saw the party move to the other side of the sports centre.

“We will never allow that Palomares del Río a haven for rapists or criminals’, was the mayor of the city Monday know in a statement.

National scandal

The case of the ‘wolf pack’ – referring to the name of the chat group on Whatsapp where five men opschepten about the group rape of an 18-year-old woman during the San Fermin festival in Pamplona in 2016 – is in Spain has become a national scandal.

The men were not convicted for rape, because the victim according to the police report, would not have weathered during the facts. They underwent all apathetic, with closed eyes, and so there was, according to the court, no question of violence. That is, according to the Spanish law a necessary condition for a rape to be able to speak.

In addition, the five conditionally released after just a few months of their prison sentence of nine years had expired, in anticipation of the ruling on appeal. This was followed by several protests from vrouwenrechtenorganisaties.

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