Russian hackers targeting republican organizations

860db120a4fcbd25de3206037d39c1dc - Russian hackers targeting republican organizations

Hackers who have ties with the Russian government have tried to user information to steal at conservative groups that are committed to online safety. The attempt was, however, allowed to creep in by technologiegigant Microsoft, which immediately warns of new attempts to the American election

Microsoft reports that the after a court order six websites of a hackerscollectief with the name Strontium has been blocked. That group was previously known as Fancy Bear, and APT28, and would have links with the Russian government.

The hackers had sites built that well were similar to that of the American Senate and of the Microsoft Office 365 service. Then were sent to the targeted organizations targeted mails sent to employees at that site to lure. So they tried the login details of the unsuspecting surfers to rip. Whether they really succeeded in doing, is for the time being not clear.

The case came to light after the International Republican Institute viseerden. In the board of directors of that organization are several republican senators. Also, The Hudson Institute was a target. That organization, also be of a conservative nature, decries abuses in Russia.

This autumn, in the US mid-term losses on the program. Microsoft calls it alarming that the hackers seem to focus on all sorts of organizations which have ties with political parties.

The case shows strong similarities with the American presidential election of 2016. Also, when it was the same ‘spear fishing’ technique used to focus data to secure.

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