Russian hackers attack conservatives VS

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WASHINGTON – Russian hackers have their arrows aimed at conservatives in the United States. Microsoft warns. The company says six domain names to have taken over from hackers. There were counterfeit sites of the think tanks, The International Republican Institute and The Hudson Institute.

John McCain

On that phony sites, visitors could log in with user names and passwords. That would then be in the hands of the hackers have come up. It is not known whether the people there in are kicked out. Microsoft says there is no evidence for. ,,We are concerned that such efforts are a threat for a wider effective range of groups who have close ties with both U.s. political parties in the run-up to the coming elections,” according to Microsoft.

At The International Republican Institute, many important Republicans involved, including senator John McCain, a leading opponent of president Donald Trump, and Russia. The Hudson Institute has also a lot of criticism on Russia was expressed.

Russia denies the accusation of Microsoft. That company,playing political games” and behaves like a public prosecutor, says Moscow via news agency Interfax.

The sites were according to Microsoft’s created by a computer hacker group that Fancy Bear is called. Other names for the group APT28, Sofacy, Pawn Storm Sednit, and Strontium. That group is also accused of breaking into computer systems of the Democrats in the presidential election of 2016.

Fancy Bear is also held responsible for cyber attacks on NATO, the White House, the world anti-doping agency and the Research council for Safety, which is the disaster with flight MH17 will be explored. These are all organisations where Russia big trouble. Partly because of that, the computer hacker group associated with the Kremlin.

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