’Psycho shooter’ takes over tower block fire

e008a9206884e5847f5b73315c18e570 - ’Psycho shooter’ takes over tower block fire

New York – Residents of an upscale building in New York are scared to death since a sniper from a great distance apartments under fire has taken.

The complex on the Upper East Side of Manhattan has 24 hour security, an indoor swimming pool, beautiful view on the river, but there is great panic among the inhabitants.

The shooter is probably somewhere on the other side of the river on Roosevelt Island, said the police against the New York Post.


“I’m terrified,” says the 55-year-old Ilene Epstein who, from her luxurious home for rent (6.000 euros per month) on the 22nd floor of One East River Place overlooks the water, “I’m here, just withdrawn because of the amazing views. But at the moment I am here with a bullet proof vest around should go for a walk, I’m gone”. Residents now speak among themselves of a ’psycho shooter’.

Last week Thursday, flew the first ball is on the 14th floor to the inside. The tenant took the morning glass in the living room. And on the floor lay a kogelhuls. A day later, it was late in the evening touch on the 32nd floor. “The residents were lucky that they have no tv I can see”, says the police.

Second shot

The police got at the time of the second bullet to a report of a heard shot at four hundred metres away on the other side of the river. They suspect that the gunman on a balcony has been.

Research produced until now no culprit.

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