Pakistan is angry with the Netherlands to Wilders

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ISLAMABAD – Pakistan has the envoy of the Netherlands on the mat is called. The country is angry about a olen and of PVV-leader Geert Wilders. “Deep concern is transferred over this deliberate and malicious attempt to islam in a poor light,” according to the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad.

Protesters in Pakistan put up a portrait of Wilders on fire.

Pakistan speaks of a “horrible and shameful plan.” The Pakistani ambassador in The Hague has been awarded a contract to this is also on cards. Pakistan wants help from other muslim countries. In addition, it wants Pakistan to the United Nations to bring to the attention.

Wilders wants to later this year, an olen and about the prophet Muhammad. He says that he has hundreds of entries received. The contest is in a closed part of the Second Room. In 2015, it was Wilders in a olen and about Muhammad in the American Texas. Jihadists tried to a stop to commit.

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