Morocco performs military service again in

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After the parliament now also has the Moroccan king Mohammed the reintroduction of conscription approved. The Moroccan government wants to do something about the high rate of unemployment, but critics also see a penalty, after the protests. It is unclear whether the military service also applies for Belgian Moroccans.

Moroccan youth between the ages of 19 and 25 years of age will be required, again, one year to serve. People with a disability are exempt, students can have their national service after their studies to catch up.

King Mohammed VI carries out the conscription, which he did in 2006 itself abolished, according to the palace again to ‘the integration of young people into professional and social life to improve. In a speech showed the king Monday night and still ‘baffled’ about the sky-high youth unemployment. “We can no longer accept that our education system functions like a machine that legions of unemployed people deliver.’

Activists fear, however, that Muhammad is his people, again especially in the heel want to get. The reintroduction of conscription would be a punishment for the protests of the past few years, among other in the Reef.

What with the Belgian Moroccans?

In his speech, the king called the European Moroccans to return, and something for their country. However, it is not clear whether conscription also applies to Moroccans with dual nationality.

Morocco considers the Belgians with dual nationality as Moroccans, if they are in Morocco. Belgians with a Moroccan passport will probably not be required to conscription as long as they stay in Belgium, but it is unclear what happens if they, for example, in Morocco.

In addition to the military service is also compulsory schooling from four to sixteen years, approved, in place of up to 15 years now. The government also promises the introduction of a new and powerful pedagogical model.

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