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Madonna honors Aretha Franklin, but not really

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On MTV’s Video Music Awards last night honored Madonna especially himself in place of the recently deceased Aretha Franklin. The fans of the Queen of Soul were clearly displeased.

At the Video Music Awards of MTV loved Madonna a bit strange eerbetoog to Aretha Franklin, the American soul singer who, last Thursday, died of pancreatic cancer.

‘Aretha Louise Franklin, the course of my life changed”, she told him, and then a long drawn-out story followed her life before her professional career in music.

Madonna has never dreamed to be a professional singer to be, trusted them to the audience.

‘With a few dollars in my pocket I left Detroit at age eighteen. I dreamed to be a professional dancer to be in Paris. But after a few years without much income, I decided to audition for a musical, because the compensation in that sector now once was better.’

Only from here comes Franklin in the story. During one of the auditions was Madonna asked for a piece of music. Which they ‘(You Make Me Feel) Like A Natural Woman’ disposal. The audition eventually led to nothing. Only a few years later, broke Madonna as a singer.

‘Aretha Franklin has me shown the way’, she told. “Without her I would not be where I am now.’

Fans react agony

It’s a nice story, but not everyone seems to appreciate.

“You know what would be a good idea for Aretha Franklin to honor?’, responded one viewer sarcastically. “Let Madonna a ten-minute talk about themselves, and let them Aretha Franklin just once by name.’

Others were even more critical. “This was not a tribute to Aretha Franklin, but a monologue about how a black woman is yet again reduced to someone who is a white woman, has helped.’

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