Lavrov expects the Taliban at the conference

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SOCHI – Sergei Lavrov expects that a representative of the Taliban will take part in the Afghanistan conference, on 4 september in Moscow. The Russian Foreign minister said Tuesday that except for the Afghan government to the radical islamic and insurgency is invited. “The first reactions are positive; they are planning the meeting to attend.”

Lavrov denied the message that in Moscow the terrorist organisation Islamic State in Afghanistan wants to reduce with the help of the Taliban. That suggested the Afghan ambassador in Russia. Lavrov can by that hypothesis are not considered, reported news agency Interfax. The Taliban as a terrorist group banned in Russia, as well as it IS.

The United States blamed the Kremlin arms supply to the Taliban. Lavrov says that it is known that they can talk with the Taliban. That belongs, according to him, the Russian Afghanistan strategy, because the fundamentalists are part of the population. The consultation is also often about the safety of Russian citizens.

The verzoeningsbesprekingen about the years-long conflict in Afghanistan also do China, Pakistan, Iran and India.

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