Laura Lynn close marriage

Laura Lynn close marriage

Laura Lynn is now eight years happy together with Matthias Lens. Together the couple have a daughter, Eliana, but a marriage Laura Lynn. And she’s quite sad…

Laura Lynn speaks this week plain language about her relationship in All of: “Marry, there will be no more coming and that’s mostly my fault.” What is going on? When Laura and Matthias only were wanted to be the singer a few to make clear agreements with her friend. So she wanted like a child and she wanted to not wait too long, where Matthias is in could find, but her second statement makes problems now…

At the beginning of their relationship suggested Laura Lynn made clear that she would never marry. “He did me the question is not to ask, because I would still be saying “no”,” says Laura Lynn. Why the hard decision? Laura Lynn clarify her statement in the magazine referring to her childhood. “Marry instilled me with fear,” says the singer who for the first time, a country CD released. The parents of Laura Lynn are separated and that the rupture has on the singer is firmly hacked. Marry has a rather negative connotation in Laura Lynn in the beginning of her relationship with that ruling… But in the meantime maybe changed his mind?

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