Launch windsatelliet later by hard wind

86e5251b5ae70b79c411fc2ae55dcf7d - Launch windsatelliet later by hard wind

KOUROU – The launch of the state of the art weersatelliet Aeolus, which is planned for Tuesday night, with exactly one day delayed. The reason of the delay is the strong wind at the scheduled time, the wind was blowing at the launch site in Kourou, in French Guiana. The satellite is designed for use on the new ways of wind on the Earth to measure.

The Aeolus should, from 320 km height, the wind on the earth map.

The launch of the European satellite is now scheduled for Wednesday evening 23.20 hours (Dutch time). The satellite, once at 320 km altitude, the winds on the earth map.

The measurement of the wind is today by weather stations on the ground, such as at the KNMI in De Bilt. Occasionally go weather balloons in the air. Aircraft after landing by whatever winds they encountered. The problem is that it’s all snapshots. We only know how the wind at a certain moment in a certain place blows. There is no overall picture.

The mission lasts in each case three years, and may still be two years longer.

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