Jack White: “Tom Waits stole my watch”

1a13d16590e4cc65b50ce5523637a309 - Jack White: "Tom Waits stole my watch"

During his show in San Francisco last week was Jack White, Tom Waits on the floor. In a Instagrampost tells White about the visit of his colleague, and adds subtly to the muzieklegende his watch stolen.

If it is a joke or not is not really clear. The fact is that White his post concludes with “a million thanks to Saint Tom because Jack and the band”.

Ordinary thief or not, muzieklegende Tom Waits has found a mythical reputation. The 68-year-old artist runs for five decades in the music industry and has his own style and flair a unique place in the scene is captured.

Soon Waits by the way to see in the Coen-western movie ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs on november 16, will appear on Netflix.

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