Hunting naked tourists in the antique fountain Rome

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Rome – police in Rome is on the hunt for two tourists who himself is in an antique fountain, and washed and even the clothes went.

Italians are furious at the two tourists in the antique fountain, Altare della Patria in Rome their trunks to war.

The inhabitants of the Italian capital are baffled that their Altare della Patria at Piazza Venezia, as will be dishonoured.

Photos and videos go viral on the internet. That is to see that a bunch of rich poedelt in the water. And the lolbroeken go even further by their underwear, eventually pulling out.

Altare della Patria is built to celebrate Italy under king Victor Emmanuel one was. In 1925, the completed fountain was designed by Giuseppe Sacconi.

According to Italian media to English.

April last year, popped a tourist in the famous Trevi fountain. With the same impressive structure broke last month, still a fat argument between a 19-year-old Dutch and an Italian-American tourist of 44 that at the same place for a selfie to take. That even ran out on a fight.

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Also of recent date is the dive of three women in the 400-year-old Fontana dell’Acqua Paola.

Another shameful example is the damage of a fountain in Rome by a group of Feyenoord Hooligans in 2015:

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