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How do I create a Wallet in MyEtherWallet?

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How do I create a Wallet in MyEtherWallet?

Here you will learn step by step how to create a Wallet in MyEtherWallet.

You need to send a Wallet to your Coins/tokens from the exchange into your own wallet. As long as the Coins/tokens stored on an Exchange include the Exchange, that is, if the exchange is hacked or closes have lost their Coins, possibly irrevocably. The rule always applies, only if you have the Private Key of the Coins, it is also safe for your Coins.

First, you create a password when “Enter password”. This password is extremely important because it allows the access to the keystore File created in a later step.

Then click on “Create new wallet”.

Now, click on “Download Keystore File” and then “I understand. Continue.“ The Keystore File is an encrypted Version of your Private Keys.

Now you will see the Private Key that belongs to your address. Save this well and you give it to anyone who is in possession of this private key, you can do everything with your MEW address. Now click on “Save address”.

Now click on the Private Key and enter your Private Key.

Once you have done this you can click on “Unlock” and your Wallet opens.

The better and much more secure way, in the MEW address to log in the Login with the Keystore File. Because an attacker needs both the keystore file AND password to transfer your Coins. If you are only using your Private Key, the Phishing risk is very large.

Here you select the downloaded Keystore File from your folder.
Click to Unlock your Wallet to unlock.

Now you can see at a glance your Ethereum (ETH), address, and Balances. The Ethereum address need to transfer to the ETH to your account. The Balances show them how much ETH you on the account.

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