Global commemoration terreurslachtoffers

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BRUSSELS – In various countries Tuesday for the first time the victims of terrorist attacks worldwide commemorated. This happens on the international day of remembrance of and tribute to the victims of terrorism”, which is annually on 21 August. The global day of remembrance was with a UN resolution in december last year in the life called.

Evacuation after the attack on the Brussels airport of Zaventem.

According to secretary-general António Guterres of the UN is the “moral obligation” to the victims and their family to support. After an attack we hear rarely about those who died or were injured. Or about the stragglers, the rest of their life to have to deal with the burden of terrorism. They must speak and we must have the consequences of a terrorist attack, acknowledge.”

The initiative seems to be in the EU is still on steam. According to the Regional information Centre of the UN in Brussels, for example, such as the Netherlands and France nothing.

In Brussels, however, is a ceremony at the National Monument in commemoration of terreurslachtoffers. From 11 am there are a few short speeches and there is a moment of reflection.

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