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Global Blockchain Survey Of 2018: This is already.

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The economic firm Deloitte has launched under 1,000 Blockchain experts a survey. It was all about the future of the Blockchain. The result: The is.

Bitcoin? No, thank you! Blockchain? Yes, please! Such or similar Credo, one hears in the environment of Bitcoin and the underlying technology again and again (and more frequently). The technological Innovation and the technical progress, the promises of technology are often praised, while the Potential of the Bitcoin is often appreciated less. So also in the Jobbranche: “Something with the Blockchain” is the new “Something with media”. There may take it is hardly surprising that the economic giant Deloitte has approached the topic in a survey. The company interviewed a total of 1,000 experts from the world of technology from seven different countries and nine different industries. The result is as promising as not speaking:

“It is not just for the Primetime ready, but the Blockchain comes closer to your Moment of the outbreak, with each day a little bit”,

the result of the Global Blockchain Survey in 2018. Furthermore, the entire technological Ecosystem that forms far away from Bitcoin, waxes, slowly out of the children’s shoes. You will develop in many places already the new and promising solutions. The actual use and implementation of these solutions, however, could still have to wait.

The future is rosy

So be it, 74 percent of experts polled say the Blockchain technology, a thriving future, and their respective companies have concerned themselves with the technology. 34 percent said that they have developed already in Blockchain systems. 41 percent of respondents expect that their organisations would develop within the next 12 months, a Blockchain-application. A further 40 per cent said their companies would invest up to US $ 5 million in the coming year in the technology.

The three main employment sectors of respondents in the financial sector (23 percent), technology/media/telecommunications (18 per cent) and Industrials (14 percent). As another “result” of your survey, Deloitte presented the note to the company:

“The only mistake of the company in terms of Blockchain can now do, is not to deal with it.”

Furthermore, looking to the future is inspiring:

“Just when a bridge between the Blockchain and other emerging technologies will be beaten […], we see the Potential for the Blockchain to help organisations to create new values. Far from everything you can imagine at the moment due to the existing technologies.“

In a nutshell: The is.

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