Girl (5) also, occupants ’known criminals’

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SINT-NIKLAAS – After the fatal collision in the Belgian Sint-Niklaas, where a five-year-old girl was killed, two persons in their twenties and thirties were arrested. That report Belgian media. The car that rammed a mother and her two children, and had a Dutch registration.

The drama at the branch of Lidl in Sint-Niklaas.

According to Belgian media, it goes to “known criminals” of drug and traffic violations. It is not clear what nationality the suspects. They would be resident in Belgium. Two of the three occupants struck after the accident on the flight.

The mother and her children were hit by a car on the sidewalk for a branch of supermarket chain Lidl. The mother is still in critical condition, a second child (8) is out of danger.

“By the blow was the car on its side”, says a local resident against The Newspaper. “We have with man and power the car on its four wheels pushed because the baby under the car pinched was. It was horrible to see.”

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