Former lawyer, Donald Trump, shall be guilty plead to pay zwijggeld and fraud

c2715192503eec0c2d930d6152ed458a - Former lawyer, Donald Trump, shall be guilty plead to pay zwijggeld and fraud

Michael Cohen, the former lawyer of Donald Trump, will be Tuesday night guilty plead to bankfraude and violating federal campagneregels. Cohen has in this respect reached an agreement with prosecutors, report American media.

Researchers have tried for months to determine whether the former ‘fixer’ of Trump was guilty to fraud. So he would zwijggeld have paid to several women who claim to have an affair to have had with Donald Trump. He is also suspected of bankfraude and tax evasion.

According to American media reached Cohen Tuesday a deal with his prosecutors. The details of that deal are not yet known, but in exchange for some benefits, such as a possible sentence remissions, will Cohen, so guilty plead. According to news channel CNN is Cohen, a substantial fine and a prison sentence of waiting.

The agreement between Cohen and his accusers is bad news for president Donald Trump. Cohen made during the election campaign, in 2016, part of a select group of confidants of Trump and arranged for the payment of zwijggeld to the former porno Stormy Daniels.

Not required information to share

Cohen thus has a lot of information, and that while a special team of prosecutors are also investigating into alleged ties of Trump with Russia. Said Cohen at the end of July already that Trump actually knew of a secret meeting that his son and son-in-law in 2016, which would have been with a Russian advocate that incriminating material about Hillary Clinton had promised. In april they FBI-agents office, the property, and a hotel room by Cohen. They took e-mails, documents, and bedrijfspapieren in attachment.

Trump remains that bands today deny, and call that investigation a ‘witch hunt’. The New York Times and CNN report, however, that Cohen, a deal has to know that him is not obliged to share information with the judicial authorities.

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