Former campaign manager Trump convicted of fraud and tax evasion

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Paul Manafort, Trumps former campaign manager, was Tuesday night convicted of fraud and tax evasion. It strengthens the special prosecutor Mueller in his investigation of the president.

The jury had by 18 indictments against Manafort to work. He was accused of fraud and tax evasion, serious offences where a maximum sentence of 305 years. Yet was there not the real importance of the process.

It is generally believed that the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, especially to do was to get the information that Manafort should be able to solve with the cooperation of the campaign team of Donald Trump with the Russians to the presidential elections of 2016 to influence. There is also the judge in this process, T. S. Ellis, of convinced. But he forbade the lawyers ‘political theatre’ to sell. However, tried the defense that the jury understood that Manafort exactly why it is so hard, it was addressed, that he is but a stol was to Trump to save it.

Manafort was Trumps campaigner during three crucial months. And he had Russian connections. He was present at the meeting in the Trump Tower in 2016, which Trumps son Donald Jr. and his son-in-law Jared Kushner is a Russian diplomate met, in the hope that they will them what ‘dirty things’ about Hillary Clinton would tell.

The condemnation of Manafort is a heart under the belt for Mueller, a powerful response to president Trumps allegation that his research is no more than ‘a witch hunt’. It is now proven and a jury has confirmed it: people in Trumps eentourage are not pure to the bone.

What the verdict was, the echo would be enormous. Acquittal would be the president and the Republicans strengthened. They would still have more power to have insisted on the dismissal of special prosecutor Mueller and the abandonment of his work. Now crows on the left victory and will be even more pressure to the deposition of Trump call.

Five homes

In this process in Virginia was Manafort rightly so because he has no taxes to be paid would have on tens of millions of dollars that he received for political consulting in abroad, especially in Ukraine, where he worked for the pro-Russian former president, Viktor Janoekovitsj. The money he thus earned, he made withdrawals in tax havens. Of where he the to himself doorsluisde in the form of loans. When that revenue stream caused havoc, peuterde he under false pretenses, loans apart from banks to its standard of living at the level to be able to keep.

A parade of witnesses came to explain how he all that money spent: Manafort had five homes and loved expensive clothes and antique carpets.

One of the witnesses against him was Rick Gates, his former right-hand man, that Mueller was accused of money laundering. Gates pled guilty, struck a settlement and has since been working with the research of Mueller.

Manafort has his innocence, always stand. On 17 september in Washington, however, a second process against him. That includes the fact that he is not registered as a lobbyist for a foreign government.

President Trump had ever reflected that he Manafort grace will provide.

Tuesday pleaded Trumps former lawyer, Michael Cohen, guilty of financial fraud. He is willing to work with Mueller. Cohen is the man who all kinds of things recovered for the president, as zwijggeld pay to porn star Stormy Daniels.

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