Filmoutfit Whitney Houston from ‘The Bodyguard’ up for auction

0d4a84022f1435a3a70bf9c810733960 - Filmoutfit Whitney Houston from 'The Bodyguard' up for auction

The outfit that singer Whitney Houston has worn during her performance in the film ‘the Bodyguard’ is going under the hammer. The collector’s item must have at least $ 10,000 or such 8.750 euro deliver.

The metal package is seen during a gig in a club and on the movie poster of ‘The Bodyguard’. Houston made adjustments to the outfit. Estimators suggests that there is a lot of commandments will be on the item.

Houston played in 1992, the role of Rachel Marron in ‘The Bodyguard’ and became her greatest acting performance. The movie with Kevin Costner was a great success and also the soundtrack scored high peaks. With 44 million copies sold it is one of the best-selling muzieksoundtracks ever.

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