Father writes daughters CV: ’Lazy, rude, don’t know anything’

6770fea69321a5d96f4cc7c9d89e31dd - Father writes daughters CV: ’Lazy, rude, don't know anything’

Redcar, North Yorkshire – If the 16-year-old Lauren Moore from the English Redcar’ll want to apply, then they better not have the CV to take her father for her regrouping.

These photos, shared Lauren itself on Twitter

Out of frustration about the kind of typical teenage behavior of his daughter listed him the “qualities” of his offspring was:

  • Lazy
  • Often too late
  • Ignorant
  • Rude
  • You can do it all no r**t care

and so it goes still a bit further.

Papa Moore also took the trouble to make his daughters roles and responsibilities in the daily life to indicate, writes the Daily Mail:

  • On my father’s nerves work
  • Don’t listen
  • Facebook check-in
  • Everything vern**ken
  • Mess
  • etc.

For those who all do not trust; there is a reference specified, a parole officer with the name Ben Dover. Incidentally, do you this man not to call, also is of interest to them all ’no r**t’, says the dad.

Lauren herself finds it all very funny. They tweette the document to all of her friends.

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