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Fastest man of the year, Dafne Schippers and duel between Borlée brothers and Sacoor at Memorial Van Damme

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The AG Memorial Van Damme, which this year takes place on Friday 31 August, has a number of new names on the poster. The American sprinter Ronnie Baker, 9.88, the fastest man of the year in the 100 meters, and the Dutch sprintkoningin Dafne Schippers. Jonathan Sacoor, who, together with the Borlée brothers recently gold picked up with the 4x400m relay at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS athletics, there will be at Kevin, Jonathan and Dylan walk on the 400 metres.

The AG Memorial Van Damme may as a finale of the IAAF Diamond League with only the best eight athletes of the last Diamond League season received. In addition, the organisation may have wildcards to hand out to athletes from their own country. With an excellent european CHAMPIONSHIPS, behind the back, give the organization 15 fellow countrymen the opportunity to measure themselves with the world. The participation of the Borlée brothers and Nafi Thiam was already known. Nafi Thiam performs at the Memorial the field in the high jump. A son there is, of course, not. The three Borlées walk at the end of the Memorial the individual 400 metres – the number is in Brussels, not final of the Diamond League and get there to deal with the competition from Jonathan Sacoor. For the Belgian world champion 400m for the juniors, who, together with the Borlées to EK gold ran on the 4×400 meter it is on the eve of his 19th birthday his debut at the Memorial.

“It has a number of days to my coach Jacques Borlée has to convince, but eventually he has me the permission to walk”, well-known Sacoor. “I understand the concern of Jacques, because it was a long and debilitating season for me and I feel a little tired. But I think I’m still in good shape am and for me it was really important to have the Memorial be allowed to stand. All the beautiful experiences this season were all abroad and I would like to get for the hometown audience walk. Or I Borlées could be wrong? I don’t know. The performance is for me of secondary importance to the experience.”

International stars

After several years of absence is the Memorial Van Damme succeeded once again in to the Diamond League final of the 100 metres at the men. It is already sure of the party: the American sprinter Ronnie Baker, 9.88, the fastest man of the year. Other major international names that their presence confirmed the Dutch sprintkampioene Dafne Schippers (200 meters women), Christian Taylor (multiple world and olympic champion in hop-step-jump), and the Russian world champion Sergey Shubenkov (110 meter hurdles)

Ererondes for medal winners

The Memorial Van Damme is also a tribute to the successful Belgian summer. The medalists of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and world CHAMPIONSHIPS over the past fourteen days to get a victory lap. All the medal winners, so not only the athletes, such as Nafi Thiam, Koen Naert and the Borlées. But also, for example, zeilster Emma Plasschaert, the gymnast Nina Derwael, cyclist Wout van Aert and pistier Kenny De Ketele will be in the flowers.

The Memorial will be decorated by a dj set from The Magician and a laser and fireworks show.

Coming Saturday: a spectacular pole vault at the MAS

In the run-up serves the AG Urban Memorial Van Damme Series of world class athletics at surprising locations in the largest cities of our country. Brussels should on June 10, the striker in line with the AG Urban Memorial Van Damme Sprintfestival at the foot of the Atomium. The most spectacular event, however, the polsstokcompetitie in Antwerp on Saturday 25 August. There will be the opportunity of a polsstokstand on the water of the Bonapartedok be built, in the shade of the MAS, the Museum Aan de Stroom. As if that wasn’t spectacular enough, it is also the best pole vault jumper in the world that the poster in Antwerp will be tops. The Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie is with 6m16 the world record holder and will a new borders to take.

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